All the words you need to speak a language.
With images and pronunciations.
  • A melting pot of languages

    We currently have English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, German, French, Catalan and Dutch available and our teaching community is working hard to bring you vocabulary in multiple other languages as well.

  • All words for every situation

    We hate long boring wordlists. That's why we've designed WordLayer to let you practise vocabulary in fun, manageble chunks. You will never need to say '¿Cómo se dice?', 'Wie sagt man?' or 'Comment dit-on?' again because with WordLayer we go beyond the basics to teach you all the vocabulary you need for every situation.

  • Pronunciations included

    You could write a love letter to that gorgeous Italian but on a date you need to be able to talk as well. That's why we've included pronunciation in WordLayer so you can sound like a native.

  • Multiple game modes

    WordLayer allows you to study, practise and test you're vocabulary until your confident with your language skills.

  • European Standards

    Modules contain a level indicator that adheres to the European Standards for Language Learning so that you can make sure what you're learning is right for you.

  • How are you doing?

    While using the Test mode WordLayer keeps track of your progress and you'll (hopefully) see the progress bar increasing. In the Level overview you'll be able to see how much progress you have made.

  • On the go

    You can use WordLayer on your computer or on your smartphone. WordLayer is available for iPhone. A release for iPad and Android is on its way too.

  • A helpful and intuitive interface

    We've carefully designed WordLayer to make it as easy as possible to use. For instance we've included special keys in the Test mode so you won't need to use a weird foreign keyboard. So no excuses to make any spelling mistakes!

  • Share the good news

    Show off to your friends by letting them see your language skills. You can give permission to WordLayer to post a message on your wall as soon as you've finished a category.