We believe that learning words through images is much more fun and effective.

WordLayer is a language-learning tool that helps you to practise your vocabulary through the use of high quality images. With WordLayer you have access to 1000s of the most useful words that you need to learn a new language, with each word corresponding to an engaging and interesting image. We believe that by using images to study new vocabulary, we make learning a language more fun, more effective and most importantly, more memorable.

Our team is an international mix of people who know first hand how challenging it can be to learn a new language. We have used these experiences to provide you with a device that aims to alleviate the frustrations of language learning and break the boredom of long, unexciting vocabulary lists. WordLayer is therefore, the perfect supplement to your language studies and guaranteed to help you maximize your learning potential.

All WordLayer modules adhere to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and professional language teachers ensure the material is suitable for your level.

You can access your WordLayer account both online and through your iPhone by downloading our smart and accessible App for maximum learning convenience.

WordLayer was founded by brother and sister, Tim and Fem Has, who live abroad and are currently learning new languages themselves.

  • “ My teacher was amazed by my progress in just a week! ”

    Michael Branson, San Francisco

  • “ An easy and fast way to broaden your vocabulary.   Very handy and always in reach because of the iPhone app. ”

    Carl Staaf, Stockholm