Learning vocabulary can be frustrating, so here are some little tips to make it a bit easier...

Give your words some meaning
Try to learn words in a context, for example, when learning the word for "eye", try to learn related words, such as other parts of your head, actions you do with your head or things you use or wear related to your head. So with "eye" you might think of "sunglasses" , the verb "see", and "nose".

Organize words into categories
When learning new vocabulary it is useful to organize the words in categories to make them more memorable. WordLayer has done this words for you, for example actions you might do in your kitchen, as well as the things you use here, are grouped in the category "Kitchen".

As you learn more words you will start to spot connections between words and you will see that it becomes easier to guess the meaning of a new word.

Repetition, repetition, repetition!
To really remember a word you need to practice frequently, repetition is key! If you find some words hard to remember, try thinking up different associations for them.

Read books, magazines and newspapers
Even if you don’t understand everything it is still great practice to read the language you’re learning. When reading, try to guess the meaning of a word you don't know and then check it in a dictionary to see if your guess was correct. Reading comic books or books for young children is an effective and fun way to improve your vocabulary because when you don't understand what's happening the pictures help tell you.
Guided readers are also an excellent resource, these are adult stories that have been written for people learning a language and are available in different levels at most book shops.